Saturday, April 23, 2011

Letting go of a friend....

Friendships can be such fragile things. One word or the wrong action can damage a friendship forever. It's almost like breaking up with a lover, I think. You share your most intimate secrets, spend tons of time time together, fight, break up. You get where I'm going with this right?

Sometimes the friendship just becomes toxic and you have to break loose. It suffocates you. The negativity becomes a constant presence in the relationship and you have to make the difficult decision to let go of a friend...

I had to make that choice last year, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. The loss was so painful, because all I thought of was who am I going to talk to now. Who will listen to me when I celebrate my good days, or when I just want to bitch and moan about the kiddies and hubby? Who else will be brutally honest with me when I'm in the store fitting room trying something on and I ask if my ass looks to big in this dress?

Lucky for me, fate put some pretty amazing women in my life around the same time I had let go of this friendship. It didn't make the loss hurt any less, but having these women in my life taught me what healthy friendships SHOULD be.

Do you have a toxic friendship in your life? It can affect you more than you know, and you deserve better...


carol anne

So sorry. I have been there for sure. It does get easier ~ but it is still pretty sad.
Hang in there!


hi from another mom of 5! i know exactly where you are coming from-this happened with a friend from college who was one of my bridesmaids-it had been happening for awhile so i wasn't talking to her alot anyway but still sad.

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